Fusion = Beauty!

Bearded Sky Faeries and the real world

Sitting again on the balcony the other morning, I realised that Carl Sagan and Brian Cox were absolutely right. Fusion is everything.

Here’s an example of what I mean :

Hydrogen fusion, seen from about 149,597,870.691 kilometres

Hydrogen fusion, seen from about 149,597,870.691 kilometres away

And here’s what can happen when hydrogen fusion is allowed to continue for a few billion years undisturbed :

Acorn in the sun - fusion at its best

Ok, it’s cheesy, but at least it’s true – and there’s not a bearded sky faery in sight. (There never is!)

So what’s the point of all this rambling?

Morons, Retards, and Nitwits, Oh My!

Used under Creative Commons license from Plognark : http://www.plognark.com/?q=node/1129

Well, I’ve recently come away from a banal (and heartbreakingly pointless) “discussion” on Thunderf00t’s latest YouTube posting – you can see it here – with a number of religious chumps. ‘Canon Fodder’, I call ’em… heh heh heh.

For an achingly beautiful video soliloquy on just how bloody marvellous the universe is and how lucky we all are (by a hard-nosed, dyed-in-the-wool experimental physicist, no less!) the most common complaint was that he “forgot” to mention god.

He forgot to mention god? I mean, how moronically retarded do you have to be to ignore the wonder and beauty and strangeness around and within us, and need to posit a vague, invisible, impossible “being” who must have “created” all of this – and you and I and yes, even the morons who believe in this mentally-defective rubbish?

Thanks to http://www.avforums.com/forums/general-chat/1286198-do-you-believe-god-part-2-a.html

If it's good enough for the goose...

And from there, the “discussion” degenerated into one ineffable chap bashing the scientist for not keeping his emotions in check! What the…?

I Believe In… Reality!

Darwin Was Right

'Nuff said...

The final straw was laid by some sad, unlearned cab driver, who stated that “It must have been god”… not because there was any evidence for that assertion (there never is and never will be), but because he (the cab driver, not the unknowable invisible friend of his) “didn’t believe in evolution”!

I tried (with utterly zero success, which I guess I knew at the start) to get the point across that it wasn’t actually necessary for him to believe in evolution, any more than it was necessary to believe in breathing – if it hadn’t happened, he’d still be a cloud of foul-smelling steam hovering over a wasted, barren planet!

But it’s no use arguing with these sad and pathetic people, because a) they’re intellectually incapable of understanding how the universe truly works, and b) they can’t be taught – by anyone.

Well, they can quite obviously be “taught” something – by a priest. (And we all know what priests teach, don’t we?) But they can’t actually be taught by someone who’s actually qualified to teach them things (you and I call these rare people teachers!). I mean, that’s like going to a hairdresser to learn how to drive a truck! (OK, it might be cheaper than getting driving lessons, and it’s probably way less difficult than actually climbing into the cab of a training rig, but you ain’t gonna actually know how to drive an 18-wheeler on a public highway!)

So – why is it OK to do the same thing with your mind – your only tool for understanding the universe? Answer : It’s not OK!

Don't Litter Your Mind!

Oh, God, Please Don’t Kill Me!

It’s just so heartbreaking to think that there are human beings who refuse to accept reality, and instead substitute some type of bizarre and fantastical (and usually homophobic) “all powerful” entity – with no actual proof of existence, power, or any other attribute, by the way – who they vainly and sadly hope will one day cause them, personally, to magically avoid the reality of entropy, and somehow live forever!

It would be funny if they knew what they were wishing for. But they don’t – they haven’t got a damn clue. And they seem to be (but aren’t ever) happy about their ignorance! So they cling vainly to made-up invisible sky faeries in the hope that… what?

So the atoms they’re only borrowing for a short while won’t go on to become a new star system? So the energy that the universe has lent them – at enormous cost per individual, by the way – doesn’t become part of a new galaxy, or a new race of beings, or a new pulsar?

Why on earth would you wish to not be part of the astonishing future of the universe? How closed, how self-centred, how selfish, how stupid, how mean, how unbalanced do you have to be to want to not be part of what you’re inevitably going to become?

I mean, you can want to fly until you’re blue in the face; but unless you’re in some kind of aerodynamic craft, the only flying you’re going to do is between the top of the cliff and the top of the rocks at the bottom of the cliff! Gravity rules! It’s the law!

Gravity - more than a theory

Gravity - more than a theory!

What sort of hearts and minds do religious people have, that they’re so greedy for life they’ll abuse, ignore, pity, or even kill someone else simply because they don’t agree with their bizarre fantasy?

These kinds of folks are not religious “fanatics”. They’re not even “moderates”.

They’re childish, selfish, pathetically sad reality deniers.

And praise the lord I’m not one of them! (I love playing with their tiny minds!)

Best Imaginary Friends Forever!

Imaginary Friends - who needs 'em?

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