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The Dark Ages of pain management : Australia, 2012

The Question I asked a well-regarded pain management specialist recently a simple (if loaded) question. I asked : Do you agree that Australian pain management is a decade behind the US and other first-order countries? His answer shocked me to … Continue reading

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The Intermetaphor

The Internet (aphorism and metaphor) We float on an estuary, with a river below. It flows fast as light beneath, but on top, the long stories and the bold drift, accreting and learning and losing; entropy. The bold stories, like … Continue reading

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Drifting on the (zicono)tide

I was going to launch into a full-fledged discussion about one of the newer synthetic drugs, ziconotide (also called Prialt), but I realised I haven’t really explained about pain. Specially chronic pain. So I’m going to go into yabber mode, … Continue reading

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No Place to Hide?

So here’s my question for tonight : Where does your subconscious go to play when your dreams become logical? It seems that a certain ennuiĀ has slid in on a silent tide. While I wasn’t watching, focusing on keeping sane and … Continue reading

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On the Shoulders of Giants…

… You can see forever! Let’s talk about fusion, not metaphorically, but as a detailed look at exactly what made us and how it happened! Look! A new Star! On the 24th of August, 2011, the team at the Palomar … Continue reading

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Fusion = Beauty!

Bearded Sky Faeries and the real world Sitting again on the balcony the other morning, I realised that Carl Sagan andĀ Brian Cox were absolutely right. Fusion is everything. Here’s an example of what I mean : And here’s what can … Continue reading

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Hindsight (New version)

“Hindsight” was originally written in late 1995, in a horrid little hotel in Seoul. It’s been redrafted three or four times, to polish out most of the shit. While it started out quite dark, it turned out to be a … Continue reading

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